The rules of visiting the Festival: 

1. One can come to the festival only with a ticket that will be changed for bracelets.
2. A bought ticket to the festival can’t be neither returned nor exchanged.
3. Ticket cost recovery is possible only in case of festival cancellation.
4. Promoters are not responsible and don’t accept any claims for fake tickets, that’s why DO NOT BUY TICKETS PRIVATELY!
5. You have to take care for the ticket you’ve bought because the ticket with defects will complicate the entrance to the festival territory. Do not warm the ticket! Damaged and spoiled tickets can be neither returned nor exchanged.
6. It is strictly forbidden to attend the festival being alcohol or drug intoxicated.
7. Attendance is a risk that is taken by the ticket owner only.
8. During the festival visitors must follow the public order and the rules of fire safety.
9. At the entrance to the festival territory everyone without exceptions will pass an antiterrorist   check. Every visitor will be checked by security for carrying prohibited articles and substances.
10. Promoters are not responsible for lost or stoled personal goods during the Festival.
11. Children under 7 years old are allowed to the festival free of charge but only in case they are accompanied by parents who must show the passport and a copy of child’s birth certificate.
12. Children and teens between 7 and 18 years old can buy a ticket to visit the festival accompanied by persons over 18 years.
13. Sale of alcohol, soft drinks and tobacco products to persons under 18 years are not available.
The laws of Ukraine are applied on the territory of the Festival!

What is forbidden and what is allowed and even necessary!
It is FORBIDDEN to bring to the festival:

1. Weapon: guns, gas, pneumatic, cold steel and everything alike, also gas spray, knives, axes.
2. Thrust and sharp objects, skewers, razors, automatic umbrellas, flagpoles, spokes, nails, tent pegs, scissors, files and other objects that can be dangerous for other visitors according to the festival security point of view.
3. Any beverages including alcohol in any packing, canned and bottled food. This rule is valid both on the territory of the festival and in parking area.
4. Perishable goods, fresh meat, fish and other.
5. Any narcotic drugs and remedies, except antiallergic, life-support and contact lens liquids. There will be first-aid post service on the festival territory. A doctor at the entrance will determine the necessity of life-support remedies. You must have relevant medical documents.
6. All kinds of pyrotechnics, flammable liquids, candles, oil stoves, primus stoves, gas spray, firecrackers, petards, fire pistols.
7. Tents without TENT ticket.
8. Professional audio and video recording devices.
9. Pets.
10. Cigarettes (more than 3 packs).
All prohibited articles will be confiscated in the process of examination at the entrance.

It is forbidden:

1. To be on the festival territory without a control bracelet.
2. The presence of underage children without parents.
3. To make an open fire in tent camp and in an inappropriate place.
4. To pitch a tent outside the tent camp territory.
5. Any kind of commerce without approval of festival Organizers.
6. To use kerosene lamps and heating devices.
7. To show aggression towards other visitors. In case of non-obedience to security service and aggression towards others you will be have to leave the territory of the festival without ticket cost recovery.

It is allowed and even necessary:

1. A ticket.
2. Identification documents (make a copy in order not to loose the original).
3. Money.
4. Tent, sleeping bag, cover to lay and sunbathe.
5. Spare cloths, warm cloths.
6. Anti-mosquito remedy.
7. Rubber boots, raincoat or non-automatic umbrella, in case of rain.
8. Sun cream.
9. Guitars, games, cheerful attributes (T-shirts, flags, kerchiefs, markers for drawing etc., you should make others understand what city you came from and crazy about J).
10. Flashlight.

For the special people:

Organizing team THE BEST CITY.UA happy to help wheelchair users, who want to attend the festival. The festival has grass, but, nevertheless, can meet the difficult areas to cross. Weather conditions can also complicate travel. Please pay attention to it, when you choose equipment.

The rules of visiting the Festival for parents with children:              

Parents, remember! The three-day open air festival  is a serious challenge for children up to 7 years. Promoter emphasize the need to observe basic safety standards by the parents:
- don't leave children unattended (the child should always be in your field of vision);
- avoid the crowd;
- ensure compliance with health standards;
- don't abuse alcohol in the presence of your children;
- if your child is lost, immediately contact the administration of the festival.