Format Contest:

The NEW LIVE format Contest – Experts evaluate live performance of two songs by the musical band that applied and were selected to participate in the Contest of THE BEST CITY.UA 2016 Festival.

Experts are - representative of the Festival, music journalist, program Director of the popular radio station or TV channel, Sound producer.

Conditions Of Contest:

Participant Contest of the bands for the THE BEST CITY.UA can be any band that performs its own music.

According to the results of the final NEW LIVE Contest will be identified 3 bands for the Main stage and selected bands that will perform at the second stage of the Festival.

Procedure of Contest:

From November 2015 to June 2016 will take place live NEW LIVE Contests in Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kiev.

To apply, a band must fill out the application Form. All fields marked are required.

All applications will be reviewed and approved by representatives of the organizing Committee of the Festival.

By the results of consideration of the Application the representatives of the organizing Committee of the Festival will select bands for live NEW LIVE Contests.

Any band has the right to participate in each Contest.

According to the results of NEW LIVE invited Experts will select the bands for the Finals and will determine the winners of the NEW LIVE at the final Contest.

Three bands will have the right to perform on the Main stage of the Festival.



1. The participant agrees not to upload in the application Form, the Contest of any content and/or information of a pornographic or obscene nature, information that restricts someone's rights, offensive content, contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine.

2. The participant guarantees that will not transfer their account and/or password to his / her account to third parties.

3. The participant agrees and warrants that it will not collect (copy, accumulate, etc.) intellectual property and any other content/information of the Participants, which was posted on the governmental website of the Contest, does not affect its functionality, both hardware and software.

4. The participant agrees that the organizer committee reserves the right to edit or delete any content and information provided by the Participant if they do not meet the Contest conditions.

5. The participant warrants that it has exclusive intellectual property rights prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On copyright and related rights", for the placement, storage, use public display, distribution (including on the Internet and page Contest ) of any content and second content that the Participant placed in the survey Contest.

6. Participants warrant that any content is posted (published) first in the Contest Questionnaire, created by him, is not a borrowing (including partial) of other objects of intellectual property, not copied and is not the object of illicit origin. Any content and other materials (texts, images, and other works) that a competitor places in the questionnaire, the Contest must be original works of the Participant.

7. The participant shall ensure that any third parties have no right and will not have the legal grounds to challenge the right of a Participant for accommodation, publication of any content and/or information on the page Selected.

8. The organizer shall not be liable to the Participant and/or any third party for any loss, damage, alteration or disclosure of information, the dissemination of content stored/placed on the page Selected.

9. Non-compliance/breach by the Participant of the Conditions that he can be informed, the organizer reserves the right to block and delete the Member's account, restrict access to the Website and to make, at your discretion of the Organizer, other necessary action to enforce/prevent a violation by the Participant of these terms and Conditions.

10. By accepting and agreeing to these terms and Conditions, all Participants in the Contest agree that:

- The organizer reserves the right to revise and modify these Terms without any explanation or warning. Registered Members, after making the Organizer of any changes to these Terms, you agree to the changes and agree to comply with them;

- updated the terms with the changes are published on the page Contest;

any content that a competitor places on the page Contest, may be used by the Organizer for purposes associated with the Festival.

11. The organizer reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the Participant, except as provided in these Terms.

12. By registering on the page Contest and filling the questionnaire, each Participant confirms full understanding of these Terms, agrees to these Terms without exception.

13. All bands participating on a free of charge basis. The organizer does not bear transportation expenses associated with the delivery of the band in the venue with NEW LIVE Contest of the Festival.

At the time NEW LIVE Contest the Organizer provides on venue catering and accommodation for the participating bands

See you at The Best City in 2016!