Music Festival The Best City.UA presented a movie on the big screen.

December 20 in Dnepropetrovsk Cinema True Cinema was a presentation of a film about the music festival The Best City.UA 2013.

The Best City.UA organizers decided to recall how the loudest musical event of the year. The shooting of the festival accompanied by the best special effects in the form of a natural storm, hurricane and torrential rain.

"Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of 72 hours of music non-stop, 50 performances of stars of the world of rock music. The main characters of the film - 70 thousand spectators. Gaining energy in the next year to come to us! "- He wrote on his Facebook page, the head of the festival organizing committee, Alexander Vilkul.

Presentation of the film took place in a friendly warm atmosphere and a full house filled up the hall. On before the show were invited guests who were directly involved in the creation of The Best City.UA: festival team, young musicians and volunteers.

"Our film - is a breath of summer air in the middle of winter, which can be charged in anticipation of The Best City.UA 2014. Even after the New Year will be the latest information about the Festival" - shared the presentation of Constantine Dudko. Even today, a film about a music festival The Best City.UA 2013 can be found on the official website on the official Facebook page of Alexander Vilkul.